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How it all began.

I stumbled upon the knitting mill while doing what I love most in my profession, sourcing one-of-a kind textiles and meeting the artisans firsthand. The knitting mill was built over a hundred years ago. The two story red brick mill is a beautiful example of historic architecture. The mill came first and the houses with manicured front laws were built later. A soho loft dropped in a quaint suburban neighborhood.

Piles of beautiful vintage stripes were piled in a back corner. Bright blue circular Italian knitting machinery filled the space. I was hooked!  I quickly learned the family had owned the mill for six generations and like a sad story on repeat for American textile mills and generations of family run businesses they were struggling to remain open. So instead of making a stripe shirt I was on a mission to keep the mill from closing.

It was a tireless journey that came close to not succeeding but the small team of sewers, cutters and knitters and I were successful in reviving the mill. I am now making my stripe shirts under my brand, CAVANusa and the employees, some 50 years of service, are back at their craft.

The CAVANusa brand is passionate about collaborating with American mills. We are honored to work with the incredibly skilled craftspeople and help define the next chapter of American made products. It’s like a never ending cycle of learning, discovery, creativity and keeping our brand #madeatthemill.

Our styles tell our mill stories. Everyday we are researching and grateful to discovering new artisans and mills that enhance the quality and uniqueness of our brand. We are passionate about bringing back American manufacturing and and building communities one mill and one style at a time.


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