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CavanUSA is online!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

CavanUSA, bring high-quality classic American fashion to the people. #madeatthemill

Welcome one and all to our new online home! We've been working for a while behind the scenes to bring everyone a place where they can see what we've been working on without needing to come out to PA. Over the course of the next several months we'll be working with our producers, partners, and boutiques to bring you all some amazing clothing of the highest quality from right here in the USA. To keep track of what we're doing on a regular basis, check out what the team is currently working on, or to just say hi remember to subscribe to us on Instagram and Twitter. Just remember, if you're trying to get our attention don't forget #madeatthemill or @cavanclothes as we'll always be watching for those.


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